Lemon Essential Oil, 10mL

Lemon Essential Oil, 10mL

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(citrus limonum)

Lemon oils fresh, citrus scent is uplifting and invigorating. It can improve concentration and sharpen focus. It boosts energy and enhances mood. Lemon oil has strong anti-viral properties and is therefore used often in the treatment of colds and flus. It is also a common ingredient of cleaning products due to its strong disinfectant properties.  Lemon oil relieves lymphatic congestion and increases circulation. 

Origin: Italy

Method of Extraction: Expressed

Plant part: Peel

Blends well with:

·       Geranium

·       Juniper

·       Rose

·       Eucalyptus

·       Lavender



Cautions: Lemon essential oil increases your photosensitivity. Do not use on skin for 12 hours prior to being in the sun.

Essential Oil Safety: